Open Book Songtext - José González

Open Book - José González

[Self-produced by José González]

I feel just like an open book
Exposing myself in this neighborhood
Talking to people as if I knew them well
Thinking that everyone
Has gone through different kinds of Hell

[Pre-Chorus v. 1]
Lately I've found myself in doubt
Asking myself what it's all about
What am I doing here, what's this leading to?
What's the point of it all without you?

[Chorus v. 1]
Well, I've got promises to keep
Like a cat I know I'll land upon my feet
Each time I fall

Every now and then in dreams
By the river 'neath our tree
Leaves in yellow, red and brown
I hear you whisper in my ear
Your love belongs to everyone

[Pre-Chorus v. 2]
I feel just like an open book
A couple of words was all it took
In front of a bright white canvas
Staring vacantly now free against my will

[Chorus v. 2]
A drifting vessel in the storm
Pushed around from shore to shore
I know there's so much left to see
I know I have so much left to give

But the memories remain
Yet the scars don't feel the same
Filling pages one by one
In the warmth of other suns

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