Reynardine Songtext - June Tabor

Reynardine - June Tabor

One night upon my mountain walls two miles below Fermoy
I met a farmer's daughter all on the mountains high

I said, "My pretty fair maid, my lot to meet you here
All on this lonesome mountain your beauty shines so clear"

She said, "Young man, be civil my company forsake,
For its to my good opinion I fear you are some rake."

If my parents they should come to know my life there were destroyed
For keeping of your company all on the mountains high

And he said, "My dear, I am no rake brought up in Venus' train.
But I'm searching for concealment all on the lonesome plain."

"Your beauty so enticed me, I could not pass it by,
But it's with my gun I'll guard you all on the mountains high."

Now her cherry cheeks and her ruby lips they lost their former dye,
And she's fainted into his arms there all on the mountain high.

Now they had not kissed there once nor twice till she came to again,
And at that she asked him, "Pray tell to me your name."

"If by chance you ask for me, perhaps you'll not me find,
I'll be in my castle, enquire for Reynardine."

Sun and dark, she followed him, his teeth did brightly shine
And he led her over the mountain the sly bold Reynardine.

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