DDT Songtext - Jurassic 5

DDT - Jurassic 5


[Kool Keith]
I look at rappers with maximum equation
X-ray vision invasion
Rhyme connects perfects insects
That crawl and try to bite my rhymes
Pesticides I'm the double D combine the T
That's DDT
A chemical more to better to burn
Roaches, germs, mouse, lice, termites and pernicious bugs
Or try thugs who perpetrate
Nothing within contaminate
Got my gloves on
So bring turtle doves on
Watch me pluck em and pick 'em
Stick em kick 'em and vic 'em
I see you're featherless
You got the birdy disease
Bite any rhymes that I have for ya
The poison is bad for ya stupid
You're equal measure to dirt dust grime and puss
You're just a rapping infection
Dirtlizin my section like a six-legga
Ya better step off and walk ya pure roach

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