If You Only Knew Songtext - Jurassic 5

If You Only Knew - Jurassic 5

Never, think just for shits and giggles
Do we spit syllable riddles for bits and kibbles
So chicks can wiggle and shake
'Cause this image is fake

I'm trying hard to relate in a place filled with so much hate

Some brothers debate some love and some hate
Whatever the case its all about the choices you make
That's the reason you balloon or deflate

But do relate we trying to rap back to its primitive state

No overnight success or running the bets
Just pure unadulterated work progress
I'm willing to bet the farm you'll give you right arm
For a piece of the pie ask yourself why

If you only knew, the trials and tribulations we've been through
But if you only knew, we real people homey just like you
We humble but don't mistake us for some corny ass crew
What we do is try to give you whatcha ain't used to

I ams what I am and that's all I can be,
No more no less what you seeing is me
Akil the MC W-I-S-E
Wise intelligent God did bless me

Yes we rock up off all the SP freshly especially
Dangerous rough and deadly

The pen positioner
Tip the Richter scale

Alone we sink together we sail and prevail
The rum brazen, coming through Guns blazin'
Some of you duns running through ones with none savin'
Complainin', me and my clan are unscathin'
From the soul comes something amazing


How many times I gotta hear some fanatic in my ear
Tellin me to keep it real when they ain't payin my bills
Or feeding my kids, judging me on how I live
If my crib in the hood or if its up in the hills

Have you forgotten who you are?
O you think you're a star
Why you frontin' (you ain't nothing)
You went from nothing to something
But something means nothing
If your people still wanting

And you got money ain't givin' them nothing

Flossin and frontin

Your game of charades
The way you behave
The image you save
Your brother that's one big parade
I'm sick of your ways
I'm sitting here spitting the praise
The next time they smile and they wave
Will probably be with a gauge


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