TTHHEE PPAARRTTYY [Live] Songtext - Justice


[Verse 1]
Let me tell you what I do when my day is over
After picking the right clothes for about an hour
Oooh, I'm turning orange from all the carats around my neck
Tonight, I'm takin' out the bling and I'm dressed to impress
I'm gettin' ready for my night out on the town
I'm lookin' hot cause you know we are holdin' it down
Rockin' high tops and sayin' no to stilettos
Cause I might get drunk off my ass and I don't wanna fall
Out on the streets all the taxis are showin' me love
Cause I'm shinin' like a princess in the middle of thugs
And at the club the bouncers recognize my face
So while you waitin' in the line we just enter the place

Let's get this party started right
Let's get drunk and freaky fly
You with me so it's alright
We gonna stay up the whole night
Let's get this party started right
Let's get drunk and freaky fly

[Verse 2]
I'm callin' all my ladies at the table three
Throwin' back a couple bottles and the tab's on me
Having some big ones then we startin' to get crazy
Table dancin, smashin' glasses, it starts to get naughty
Now we all ready to head out of the VIP
I'm lookin' good and I can feel that all eyes are on me
It's time to show how 'em how we do on the floor
So while the DJ play my track I want my girls on the floor
Now you know I made an anthem for all my hot chicks
And nah, it ain't about how we girls are raisin' your dicks
I got the surround sound so why ya wanna see me fall
I'm just tryin' to have a blast and I ain't takin' your call


[Verse 3]
Now you and me, c'mon let's take it to the next level
Let's all go to the hotel pool as we finish the bottle
Maybe kiss and don't tell, it's the rule around here
You must have me under a spell — I lose control when your near


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