Suburbia Songtext - Kavinsky

Suburbia - Kavinsky

I come to life
I come to life
Yea, I come to life

I come to life when I’m driving, see the city lights
Got me slipping, not too much to start it like
Because the night is night, and I got spots to hit
Bitches deceiving shit, so they bout this feverish
Perfect, welcome bitches up to perfection
I’m destined, please don’t try me son, I’m bad, who tested
All these nobody lames can’t see my flow
You would’ve thought it was legal, all the stour I blow
With a mammy by the side as cute as Gwyneth Paltrow
So I’m all about this money, every day I count mo’
Fuck er face but nigga I’m all I’m baking
Fuck a Twitter follow, I’m paper chasin
And never when you ever see a nigga slow down
Pretty faces everywhere, baby girl it’s going down
It’s the fast life, they ain’t even talkin bout me
Eh, by an out fare but to stop cheatin

[Chorus: x2]
I come to life in my fast fast car
Young life, can that ever be ours?
My Testarossa same color as Mars
Buckle up, you are now riding with a star

I come to life
I come to life
Yea, I come to life
I come to life

Blood flowin, when I’m cruising give me a rush
Wanted me to go down, told er I just do it up
New York nigga, you can tell how my skin thick
Bustin down some fine rice and rib tips
Feelin bout my business, in for this, these niggas ridiculous
Yall just wanna start shit, my nigga we finish it
So stop frontin like yall dudes can mess with me
I cut these fools like piece of pies with extra cheese
Make you a memory, have you laid out like the letter T
Never take my eyes off my enemy
Focused, when I’m in the room you feel my energy
Probably movin wrong if these haters ain’t upset with em
I keep em fumin, you can see the girl in em
I tell em keep it moving ‘fore we put them hollows in em
And ain’t nobody see it, we do it on the low
Then jump in the whip, son it’s time to go

[Chorus: x2]

I come to life

I come to life
I come to life
Yea, I come to life
I come to life

I come to life!

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