You're Not Alone Tonight Songtext - Keith Urban

You're Not Alone Tonight - Keith Urban

We all drink to forget
Some of us more than most
When reality gets too real
And the fires of hell to close
But I'm here to let you know that
That you can make it through
If you believe that someone is watchin' over you

And call it an angel
Call it a muse
And call it karma that you've got comin' to you
What's the difference
What's in name
What matters most is never ever losin' faith
'Cause it's gonna be alright
You're not alone tonight

We all have our days
When nothing goes as planned
Not a soul in the world
Seems to understand
And for someone to talk to
You'd give anything
Well go on and cry out loud
'Cause someone's listenin'


Keep your faith alive
You're not the only one


Oh you can cry if you want to, go on

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