For Free? - Interlude Songtext - Kendrick Lamar

For Free? - Interlude - Kendrick Lamar

[Produced by Terrace Martin]

Fuck you, motherfucker, you a ho-ass nigga. I don't know why you trying to go big, nigga you ain't shit. Walking around like you God's gift to Earth, nigga you ain't shit. You ain't even buy me no outfit for the fourth. I need that Brazilian, wavy, twenty eight inch, you playin'. I shouldn't be fuckin' with you anyway, I need a baller ass, boss ass nigga. You'se a off brand ass nigga, everybody know it, your homies know it, everybody fuckin' know. Fuck you nigga, don't call me no more. You won't know, you gonna lose on a good bitch. My other nigga is on, you off. What the fuck is really going on?

This dick ain't free
You lookin' at me like it ain't a receipt

Like I never made end's meet, eatin' your leftovers and raw meat
This dick ain't free
Livin' in captivity raised my cap salary

Celery, tellin' me green is all I need

Evidently all I seen was spam and raw sardines
This dick ain't free, I mean, baby

You really think we could make a baby named Mercedes

Without a Mercedes Benz and twenty four inch rims

Five percent tint, and air conditioning vents

Hell fuckin' naw, this dick ain't free
I need forty acres and a mule

Not a forty ounce and a pitbull
Bullshit, matador, matador
Had the door knockin', let 'em in, who's that?

Genital's best friend, this dick ain't free
Pity the fool that made the pretty in you prosper
Titty juice and pussy lips kept me obnoxious

Kept me up watchin' pornos in poverty - apology? No
Watch you politic with people less fortunate, like myself

Every dog has its day, now doggy style shall help
This dick ain't free
Matter fact it need interest, matter fact it's nine inches
Matter fact see our friendship based on business

Pension, more pension, you're pinchin', my consensus

Been relentless, fuck forgiveness, fuck your feelings
Fuck your sources, all distortion, if you fuck it's more abortion
More divorce courts and portion

My check with less endorsement left me dormant
Dusted, doomed, disgusted, forced with

Fuck you think is in more shit?
Porcelain pipes pressure, bust 'em twice
Choice is devastated, decapitated the horseman
Oh America, you bad bitch, I picked cotton that made you rich
Now my dick ain't free

I'mma get my Uncle Sam to fuck you up. You ain't no king

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