Rigamortus Songtext - Kendrick Lamar

Rigamortus - Kendrick Lamar

[Produced by Willie B]

Alright, here we go, third take. Real quick, Ali

Got me breathing with dragons
I'll crack the egg in your basket, you bastard
I'm Marilyn Manson with madness, now just imagine the magic

I light to asses, don't ask for your favorite rapper

(He dead) Yessir (Amen) Chuuch
(He dead) I killed him (Amen) Bitch

[Verse 1]
And this is rigamortus and it's gorgeous when you die
Ali recorded, and I'm Morpheus, the matrix of my mind
I'm out the orbit, you an orphan and a hairdresser combined
I'm on the toilet when I rhyme, if you the shit then I decline
I climax where you begin and then I end on Cloud 9
And that's important when you morph into a angel in the sky
And don't be forging all my signatures, my listeners reply

And tell me that you biting style, you got a hell of an appetite
And I'mma be here for a while just buckle up before the ride

Or knuckle up, if you could fight, we always making 'em duck or die
A suit and tie is suitable and usual in suicide
CSI just might investigate this fucking parasite
(He dead, amen) That's what they telling me

Aim it at your celebrity, this is studio felony
Ferragami so many and cool enough for the 70's
Nigga, payback's a bitch and bitch you been living in debt with me
Dead 'em all and especially, leave a call on his mother voicemail

To say that he rest in peace, bigger chopper the recipe
Wrestling, that's irrelevant, rather rest at your residence
Whistling to the melody, couldn't think of a better D
Better be on your P and Q, it's just me Jay Rock, Soul and Q
Solar system and barbecue, nothing else you can do

(He dead) Yup-yup (Amen) I killed him

(He dead) Ha-ha (Amen) Amen


Got me breathing with dragons

I'll crack the egg in your basket, you bastard

I'm Marilyn Manson, don't ask for your favorite rapper

(He dead) Yup-yup (Amen) I know

(He dead) For sure (Amen) Amen


[Verse 2]
I rapped him and made him Casper, I captured the likes of NASA

My pedigree to fly past ya, I pass the weed to the pastor
We all are sinners, won't you send us to bible study faster

Your hypocrite-esque reaction a blasphemy, I assassin my casualty
And it's casually done and tell 'em my salary come
A lump sum of hundreds don't talk to me 'bout no money
The sun is under my feet and I come in peace to compete
I don't run if you rather leap, my statistics go up in weeks
And I go visit the nearest creek and I get busy on many MC, really ballistic
Anybody can see any assistance, everybody done see some persistence
Recognize I be really too vicious the permanent beast
And the demolition breaking up the streets, better partition, better dot your T
And I gon' mention how the far you see, putting my dick in the rap industry

Everybody bitching, getting mad at me, recognize Kendrick in the battery

And I'm charged up and the catastrophe is charged up and the audacity
Of y'all fucks never could hassle me and y'all luck, just ran out you'll see

[Bridge + Hook + Bridge]

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