Some People Change Songtext - Kenny Chesney

Some People Change - Kenny Chesney

His old man was a rebel yeller.
Bad boy to the bone he'd say,
"Can't trust a colored feller"
And he'd judge 'em by the tone of their skin.
And he was raised to think like his dad,
Narrow mind, full of hate,
On the road to nowhere fast,
Until the grace of god got in the way,
Then he saw the light and hit his knees and cried and said a prayer,
And rose up a brand new man, and left the old one right there.

Here's to the strong,
Thanks to the brave,
Don't give up hope,
Some people change.
Against all odds,
Against the grain,
Love finds a way,
Some people change.

She was born with her mothers habit,
Guess you could say it's in her blood,
She hates it that she's gotta have it,
She fills her glass up.
And she'd love to kill that bottle,
But all she could think about is a,
A better life, a second chance,
And everyone she's lettin' down.

She throws that bottle down.


Thank god for those who make it.
Let them be the love.

Some people change.


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