Wassup With It Songtext - Kevin Gates

Wassup With It - Kevin Gates

I ain't tryna know your business

I ain't tryna fall in love with you

See maybe he could love you different

But I'm just tryna fuck with you

And girl I'm tryna hit that pussy one time

One time one time will be cool

Wassup with it? Wassup with it?

Wassup with it? Wassup with you?

[Verse 1]
FaceTiming you from New York, phone sexing while we apart
Since the death of your lover you started fuckin' with busters
Had to take off the gloves, tryna feel it under the covers
Stickin' dick in your ribs and you squealin', tell me you love it
Affection showin' in public I love the kissin' you own it
Saying that Kevin's too aggressive, maybe one day he may mellow out

Pressure when we sexin', with friends you makin' confessions
But I'm married to my hustle, ain't no way that we can settle down
Grip that ass bae I don't get tired


[Verse 2]
I be runnin' through the streets like I'm speed racin'
Fresh outta prison took some trips, but never been to Vegas
You found it funny when I stated I was on vacation
Back seat of a Tahoe but this time no shackles on my ankles

Now we go hard and we awesome, after work hit the line
I dip through pick you up when you off then go grab a bite but won't spoil you
Yeah I go dumb I'm retarded, gangstas salute when I'm walkin' Take you home, break your back

When you leave, after that I won't call you
(I don't get tired)


[Verse 3]
Hard to keep up with my lingo when I'm in the matrix

Exclusive word uses gets confusing but wait I'll explain it
Commitment-shy from past relationships I guess I'm tainted
You could love or love me not, I ain't ever changing

I ain't ever changing

Can't be something that I'm not, I ain't ever changing

I ain't ever changing
You posed to judge by what's on the inside

I ain't ever changing


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