Roll Out (Instrumental) - Instrumental Songtext - Kid Ink

Roll Out (Instrumental) - Instrumental - Kid Ink

[Hook: Kid Ink]
I know, they ain't know what I'm on
Sorry excuse me, how I'm feelin' right now
Soon they gon' understand that
Try to do it like me you can tell 'em
I'm a beast, I'm a dog, they let me off the leash
Now I'm comin' for 'em all
Man I need another drink, it's the last call
Just gimme a minute lemme show 'em how I ball
Then we'll roll out, let's roll out
Let's roll out, we could roll out

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]
Live, reportin' from the cockpit
Red eyes but I'm tryna get my mind clear
Celebratin' like we just won a contest
No contest, motherfuckers couldn't digest
What I'm on, man of my home
Bands on deck, you ain't gotta blow my horn
Paint a perfect picture like Frida Kahlo
Red or green pill don't trip just swallow that
And gon' have the time of your life
On me, no strings up, high as a kite
Watch the molly turn a straight girl right into a dyke
Soon you'll understand by the end of the night
Tell 'em


[Verse 2: Kid Ink]
Just sayin', I need to get a point across
Somebody find these niggas cuz they fuckin' lost
Tryna be the boss, couldn't pay the cost
Let my chain speak for me we ain't gotta talk
I go, til, the bottle's, hollow
Smokin' on Diablo, smellin' like Patron and
Marc Jacob's cologne, Up & Away new generation
Apollo shit, so ready to roll, and rockout
These lames can't ball like the NBA lockout
Hit 'em in the head, might pull a knot out
Show these motherfuckers what they not 'bout
Tell 'em


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