Rumpshaker (Instrumental) - Instrumental Songtext - Kid Ink

Rumpshaker (Instrumental) - Instrumental - Kid Ink

You got that
Wreckx-N-Effects, rumpshaker
I just wanna see you move your moneymaker
Get stupid let me see you act a fool with it
Yeah you got it girl but what you gon' do with it
Yeah you got it girl but what you gon' do with it
Yeah you got it girl but what you gon' do with it

[Verse 1:]
It's 11: 45 at night
Just start my day
Looking for the party
Work hard to play
Walk in the club
Lights all over the place
But these haters can't see me
Cause your ass all in my way
That cake,cake
Let me get a taste
I don't need a plate
Eat it with my face
Just keep it real girl
Give a fuck if it's fake
As long as it's round
Not pointy like a stake
Yeah you got it
But what you gonna do with it
Just one song come and give me 2 minutes
Please don't be mad if I grab it
You get it from your momma and your granny


[Verse 2:]
We up late like the sandman
Let me take a seat back
Think I need a lap dance
Lost in a trance
I can barely take my eyes off
Stuck like glue, make it work No time-off
With that fat ass and them C cups
Bouncing like Baywatch
Nicky from her butt down
Can't fit in them jeans much
Twerk some, if you back it up
Might hurt something
Where you get all that from
I'm ready for the show Act 1 Now
Have fun, shots coming
You can have two
Tryin' to hop on it
But I think I need a saddle
And thick like sizzurp and I'm lit Like a matchbox
Don't throw it up Ba-donka-donk
You can meet me at the blacktop


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