Jump Ya Body - Dub Mix Songtext - Kill The Noise

Jump Ya Body - Dub Mix - Kill The Noise

[Produced by Kill The Noise]

[Hook: Mercedes x2]
Now and then again somebody better warn dem
Bad gyal that got the man dem swarming
I'm not do-do-done done, so co-co-come, come
It's a rudegirl party

Let's go now

[Verse 1: Mercedes]
Let's go now, let's hit em
The body that me given let me move to the rhythm
Outside's live on the four wheel drive
The homicide [?] people kill for their lives
Inside, speakers shaking the walls
Step up and be like "yeah, they're about to fall"
All the B-boys I can hear shooting their synths
Like let em pick it up again

[Pre-Hook: Mercedes]
Electromagnetic Cinderellas
I could be your superhero
Break down the mic like Magneto
Make way for the after-static
Wild child, downtown party addict
We're getting ready for the shakedown, breakdown
Get em up, get em moving around

Come on now

[Hook x2]

Let's go now

[Verse 2: Mercedes]
Yeah, let's go now
Tick tock tick and I'm ready to throw down
Slow down, I'm holding my shit down
Team this up, leave em south-bound
Rebel with a cause
Hit em with a force, get em on the floors
With a no-good blade
Leave em slayed, dropped out on a rampage


[Hook x2]

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