Reignite Songtext - Killswitch Engage

Reignite - Killswitch Engage

In modern humanity.
We lack a sense of urgency. Where lies our ambition
Speaking words that don't hold weight.
Lack of pure integrity, Leaving nothing to be gained
Nothing but insincerity.
Just masking insecurity
Where's the passion. The urgency? Where is vitality?
Hanging on by a thread. Fading spark of light within.
Reignite the ignition
There is no greater defeat. Then not fighting for what you believe
What do you believe in?
What do you stand for?
It's time to back, back up your words
Live this life with passion.
Has the world drained all our hearts? Has the love been torn apart?
Live this life with new direction.
With knowledge to maintain. To determine what must change
With positive mentality. An attitude that sustain.
Reignite the ignition
Live this life; it's in your hands.
It's our time. Take nothing for granted
Take this life; it's in your hands.
Live this life. Stand and fight.
Reignition. Ignite the blaze

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