Hard Time Songtext - King Los

Hard Time - King Los

[Intro: Kobe & Shanica Knowles]
They ain't never gave me shit
They ain't give me nothin' y'all (never gave me shit)
They ain't never gave me nothin

[Verse 1: Los]
What's up with your grind, nigga?
Mine insane
I've got a insane mind, can't minus pain
I've got a mind of pain, but never mind the pain
Bring the biscuit to a nigga like Mama Payne
I've got a mind of gold
No minor goals
I said mine in gold like I've been mining gold
You want yours in cash, I want mine in gold
Never minus that, but never mind, just go
I've got a diamond chain and got it lined in gold
Cuz all my lines is gold
I align my goals
I've got dope lines instead of lines of dope
Yeah it's dope I'm signed, I should of signed to Hov
Instead of holding signs about why I'm broke
While you riding by with your side eye
But every story got two sides like Popeye's
You chicken niggas
I'm kickin' niggas in the ass, I'm stuntin'
In the Aston buggin'
Flashin' back but I don't ask for nothin'
So don't ask for nothin'
Rumor has it I'm a hazard button
Hit the hazard button but I ain't flashing nothin'
Class in session, it's a classic comin'
I've got the class sick, watch what class you come in
Matter of fact, I ain't ask you nothin'
Hands down, put your hands down
If you man up, I leave you man down
This a layup, catch you laying down
Let the round play if you playing 'round
What they sayin now with they funny ass?
I don't bop, I do the money dance
I light the sky, and you might be fly like a buddy pass
What's up biatch!

[Hook: Kobe & Shanica Knowles]
They ain't never gave me nothing but a hard time
They ain't never gave me shit (Never gave me shit)
Don't give a fuck but I had to make it
They ain't give me nothing y'all
But yet they always trynna take it away from me (Never gave me shit)
They ain't never gave me nothing

[Verse 2: Mark Battles]
Me and bro Los had to break the silence
Please stay quiet, don't awake the giant
What I've been through, you would hate to try it
One more word, you gon' make us riot
Quit fakin' lair, it ain't safe for minors
Been had bars like the case was priors
Went up a level, Imma take it higher
Didn't mama say don't play with fire?
It's me (yeah)
Start leaning like a ?
Give me bread that's it
Got Trojans for the flow
And you couldn't win these like a red head chick
Yeah, yeah quick
I'm splittin' the pot
Get to the top with the intricate plot
Ridiculous jock, still will hit you and shock
Like Oxiclean I get rid of your spot
Imma run through the stock
Got bars like Willy Wonka, put you nerds in a box
Deserve what I've got
If time was money, I earned every tock
New burgundy drop lettin' Curren$y knock
Haters on emergency watch


[Verse 3: Los]
Hustle hard be a humble boss
My shoes tied, I pull strings to reverse your double cross
King, I keep it fly for the love of God
Guess they're irritated to see I, with that double R
'Sup subpar cats
C-note cabbage
Hit a miss on the low, like Shaq free-throw average
I mean, below average
Ain't hard to see those envy
My pockets full of that green, I call it eco-friendly
Damn, look what I've built
Look how I've got it, don't play me
These niggas can't fade me, these rookies get killed
I bury you, don't worry your burial will be beautiful
Cookies and milk
Oh that there the Phantom, that bitch look like Hannah Montana
The outside be white but the inside be black
Nigga keep talkin' that shit, I'll be back
With that Brrrat!
Not that Barack
But my presidential filled up with rocks
Start from the bottom and build to the top
I'm in the building, no filling my spot
You fill in the place
I'm peeling my top
I'm peeling off wheels on my ?
No feeling for I
Position my nigga got millions to plot
How you feelin' biatch?


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