All Eyes On You Songtext - Klangkarussell

All Eyes On You - Klangkarussell

[Verse 1]
22nd century princes
New pandas under a glass eye
Over earnest broadcaster
The promotion of the city state in the positive
The promotion of the very rich, as normal state.
The denial of war crimes.
Phone bugging, arctic kidnapping, dodgy linking.
Essential business, fixing the imbalance
Board of defense corporation
Unsustainable ripoffs.
Deals that won't get done;
Deals that will get done.
Factory complex, cheap clothes,
the markup.
Little girls and boys with little hands
Not useful for long.
Old tech, disappointing launches
Dramatic change
The volume is down because the demand is up
Turn the volume up please.
Well in excess
Far more subdued
New frontiers
Where would you like to write?
Do you need character?
Results just in
Clamping down
Furiously winning
Too much is too much.
All eyes on you.

[Interlude 1]

[Verse 2]
Let loose in a ultra-connected state
Feeling lonely? Let the cycle go around again.
Firm, but benign.
Detainees released
Protecting identities
A septic cleanse.
The silence, the absence, the proof
In not being there--
A little girl, bugs in every room
The President listens to her phone calls.
A certain extent
A strange relationship
My allies spy my peak.
Loving traitors, loving majors, compensation
A better life.
Trapped in the rubble.
"Is this flashing really working?"
Maybe there's a lot more than meets the eye.

[Interlude 2]

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