View From Hollywood Songtext - Kyle

View From Hollywood - Kyle

[Verse 1]
Tell me why I feel no test
Never been to church but I feel so blessed
Niggas told me no but I feel so yes
Told em' nigga I , nigga I don't need yo stress
Nigga I , nigga I don't need your stress
I'ma do me I don't need your steps
They can all talk, I already know
One day I'mma glow glow blow blow

Woah, waiting on the showtime (Lights)
It's me on my own time (Right)
They're waiting on the sunrise (It's Night)
And I'mma be the one to, to shine

On the road to glory
People come and people go
Why should I feel sorry
That I was fast and they were slow
Misunderstood but it's all good
Enjoy my view from Hollywood
And if that's what they call me
It's all good I'm Hollywood
Yep Yep Yep enjoy my view from Hollywood (x3)
Yep Yea Yep enjoy my view from Hollywood

[Verse 2]
Walking through the city
Foggy nights and lonely streets
Looking for somebody
But no one remembers me
I tried calling all my friends
They turned off their phones again
If the top is lonely
Well then lonely's where i'll be
Making them hate me but I've never hated them
Always been focused on making a way for them
I spend a third of my nights trying to pray for them
But they can't hear it because I'm far away from them
Hope that they're happy, I'm fucking ashamed again
My life's surrounded by sadness and pain again
I'm starting to drink that shit by the case again
Made it hard for me to face my own face again



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