The Rover Songtext - Led Zeppelin

The Rover - Led Zeppelin

[Verse 1]
I've been to London, seen seven wonders. I know to trip is just to fall
I used to rock it, sometimes I'd roll it. I always knew what it was for
There can be no denying, that the wind'll shake 'em down
And the flat world's flying, and there's a new plague on the land

If we could just join hands [X3]

[Verse 2]
Traversed the planet, when heaven sent me. I saw the kings who rule them all
Still by the firelight and purple moonlight. I hear the rested rivers call
And the wind is crying, from a love that won't grow cold
My lover, she is lying, on the dark side of the globe


[Verse 3]
You got me rocking when I ought to be a-rolling
Darling, tell me, darling, which way to go
You keep me rocking, baby, then you keep me stolen
Won't you tell me, darling, which way to go, that's right
Oh how I wonder, oh how I worry, and I would dearly like to know
I've all this wonder, of earthly plunder, will it leave us anything to show
And our time is flying, see the candle burning low
Is the new world rising, from the shambles of the old


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