In My Life Songtext - Les Misérables Cast

In My Life - Les Misérables Cast


How strange

This feeling that my life's begun at last

This change

Can people really fall in love so fast?

What's the matter with you, Cosette?

Have you been too much on your own?

So many things unclear

So many things unknown

In my life

There are so many questions and answers

That somehow seem wrong

In my life

There are times when I catch in the silence

The sigh of a far away song

And it sings

Of a world that I long to see

Out of reach

Just a whisper away

Waiting for me!

Does he know I'm alive?

Do I know if he's real?

Does he see what I saw?

Does he feel what I feel?

In my life

I'm no longer alone

Now the love in my life is so near

Find me now

Find me here


Dear Cosette

You're such a lonely child

How pensive

How sad you seem to me

Believe me

Were it within my power

I'd fill each passing hour

How quiet it must be

I can see

With only me for company


There's so little I know

That I'm longing to know

About the child that I was in a time long ago

There's so little you say

Of the life you have known

Why you keep to yourself

Why we're always alone

So dark, so dark

And deep

The secrets that you keep

In my life

I have all that I want

You are loving and gentle and good

But papa

Dear papa

In your eyes I am just like a child

Who is lost in a wood


No more words

No more words


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