All For Nothing - Instrumental Songtext - Linkin Park

All For Nothing - Instrumental - Linkin Park

[Verse 1: Mike Shinoda]
So what'cha waiting for?
Anticipating more
While you debate
What it can take to instigate a war
Yeah, I've been hated more than time I wasn't hated for
There's nothing they can fucking say
They didn't say before

But you could never see it
Your battle's not mine
Wanna skate and play it safe
But this is take a shot time
While you're waiting for a purpose
I already got mine
While you tell me step to it like
"One, two, three, four"

[Chorus: Page Hamilton]
And if I do what you demand
(You say) You’ll let me understand
(You say) You’re gonna hold me to your word
And if I sell myself away
(You say) I’ll have no debt to pay
(You say) I’m gonna get what I deserve

[Hook: Chester Bennington]
Your word, obeyed
My debt, repaid
Our trust, betrayed
All for nothing, all for nothing

[Verse 2: Mike]
Kick back, there's no other way to say it
So let me break this fucker down for ya'
I really don't know ya'
You talk but let me show ya'
Where to put your paranoia
You’re joking, I don’t have a half a sucker bone to throw ya
I’m disgusted, wonder what could’ve made ya tuck your tail below ya

And no, I'm not your soldier
I'm not taking any orders
I'm a five-star general; infantry controller
Need a lesson? Let me show ya'
Have you checking your composure
While I make you step to it like
One, two, three, four


[Bridge: Page]
If I do what you demand
You'll let me understand

[Hook: Chester]

[Mike] "We're too far"
[Brad] "I don't think we're too far"
[Brad] "What about the heavy shit there?"
[Mike] "The heavy shit right there?"

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