Guilty All The Same (feat. Rakim) Songtext - Linkin Park

Guilty All The Same (feat. Rakim) - Linkin Park

[Verse 1]Tell us all again
What you think we should be
What the answers are
What it is we can't seeTell us all again
How to do what you say
How to fall in line
How there's no other wayBut oh, we all know
[Hook x2]You're guilty all the same
Too sick to be ashamedYou want to point your fingerBut there's no one else to blame
[Verse 2]Show us all again
That our hands are unclean
That we're unprepared
That you have what we needShow us all again
Cause we cannot be saved
Cause the end is near
Now there's no other wayAnd oh, you will know
[Hook x2][Verse 3: Rakim]Yeah, you already know what it is
Can y'all explain, what kind of land is thisWhen a man has plans of being rich
But the bosses plans is wealthyDirty money scheme, a clean split is nonsense
It's insane, even corporate hands is filthyThey talk team and take the paper routeAll they think about is bank accounts, assets and realty
At anybody's expense, no shame with a clear conscience
No regrets and guilt free, they claim that ain't the way that they built meSmokescreen before the flameKnowin' as soon as the dough or the deal peak
They say it's time for things to change
Rearrange like good product rebuilt cheap
Anything if it's more to gainDrained, manipulated like artists, it's real deep
Until no more remains, but I'm still me
Like authentic hip-hop and rock, 'til pop and radioAnd record companies killed me
Try to force me to stray and obeyAnd got the gall to say how real can real beYou feel me, we'll see, the green could be to blame
Or greedy for the fame, TV or a name
The media, the game, to me you're all the same
You're guilty

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