You're the One That I Want Songtext - Lo-Fang

You're the One That I Want - Lo-Fang

[Intro: James Fauntleroy]

What of the dollar you murdered for?

Is that the one fighting for your soul?

Or your brother's the one that you're running from?

But if you got money, fuck it, cause I want some


Uh, yeah, uh, J-RoD

Music is! Passion! Uh

[Hook: J-RoD & Cheach]

Ain't nobody fucking with my

Clique, clique, clique, clique, clique

We too damn dope, yeah we know that we the

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit

Always keep it real, ain't no doubt that we

Legit, -git, -git, -git, -git

Any bitches disagree, then they can choke on a-

Choke on a-, choke on a-, choke on a-

[Verse 1: J-RoD]

First off my squad is finna blow, word to your ala

From the red dot, red hot call it lava

Now I couldn't buy no Prada

But I could buy that thing that end your life over a dolla, send bad news to your momma

Holla, uh now give it up for my crew, mane

We hear you do thangs but we ain't heard no new sangs

Oops hahaha, we ain't heard no songs

Been rapping for a few years, but it feel like too long

Rapping for a decade, rapping since my dad passed

Been rapping since wrapping presents, damn it feel like Xmas

But I feel like I ain't been repping for my true fans

So I gotta spit it for my motherfucking crew, man

My squad!


[Verse 2: Cheach]

My clique is killing competition, all the fags are just jealous

My bitch is bad as hell, meanwhile your bitch is fat as Adele is

Shoot you from the waist down, no Elvis. Popping you in your pelvis

I never gave a fuck just always draped myself up in velvet

Always balled like Costanza, bet your ass they got their damn hands up

Leave 'em out of breath, they got asthma. You cannot say shit - kwanza

Talent gotta show like Amanda, 'cuz we fly to death - on that Mandibuzz

You got no style like team Magma, Aqua, Rocket, Galactic and Plasma

Fuckin randoms poppin mollies, now sweating 'cuz they forgot me

Waking up in their lil' pacers, but bragging like they

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