Think Of Me Songtext - Madonna

Think Of Me - Madonna

[Verse 1]
I'm getting tired of waiting around
I feel like I'm always tracking you down
I don't wanna point my finger at you
But there's something you're forgetting
Here's what you better do, you better

Think of me, I know you want to baby
Think of me, it won't be long before you
Think of me, cause I'll be gone and then you'll
Think of me

[Verse 2]
You walk in and you see me crying
You apologize say you lost track of time
I'm not gonna cry anymore
You're gonna lose me too if you don't
Know what's good for you, you better


[Verse 3]
Tell me what I did to you to make you treat me so badly
If you wanna see me anymore
If you don't wanna see me walking out the door you better


[Verse 4]
Stop wasting all my time
You know it could have been so fine
Hey boy I'm waiting on a sign
Don't you know there's someone else
Stop thinking of yourself


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