Record Collection - Plump DJs Remix Songtext - Mark Ronson

Record Collection - Plump DJs Remix - Mark Ronson

[Intro: Wiley]
A-listed, A-listed

[Verse 1: Pharrell]
If I described it to you, you wouldn't believe us (somethin')
Niggas, they're just set to arenas (somethin')
When we land, got bad bitches to greet us
SUVs, windows, need some reefers
Two identical trucks for my peoples
Chair of the network, fend the leaders
Monkeys looking at my ring, they wanna swing
But the ape behind me keep in mind got arms
And he ain't gon' let me scuff my LeBrons
Nigga, the king can't talk to the pawns
Even when we making the score, ask Hans
Only the Queen can interpret my yawns
Sometimes we wake up feeling like Johns
Make it up by buying her wristwatches
That are fly, same price as helicopters
But you can't buy time, that's obnoxious

[Verse 2: Mark Ronson]
I take too long to answer telephones
I take too long to type my name and record messages
But my handwriting is excellent
In fact it's second to none, none
I drive round cities in a chariot
I get preferential treatment at the Mariot
But if the truth be told
I'm naked under all these clothes

[Hook: MNDR]
I'll tell you what it is on my mind, woah
I only want to be in your record collection, woah, ah
I only want to be in your record collection, woah, ah
And I'll do anything it takes just to get there

[Verse 3: Professor Green]
I introduced myself as a courtesy
See everybody knows my name
Dropped out of school, never went to university
Can't even count all the dough I make
But nowadays when I'm out of raves
It's not "will I pull?" it's "which one will
I want to take home, home?"
Women have been around me since they heard of me
In the beginning wanna flirt with me, they wanna murder me
Cause they want me to stick with em
But I ain't with em long enough for anniversaries
But when I'm sat in my flat with a bottle of Jack
On my jacks I still feel alone, oh

[Verse 4: Mark Ronson]
My brain is buzzing and the room is strange
Like the scene in trading places at the stock exchange
I made a million overnight in '87
Now I'm living in my parking space parking space
My teeth are bright and my hair is clean
I wear Paco Rabanne like I was Charlie Sheen
But in the rain we all look wet
And in the snow we all look cold

[Hook: MNDR]

[Verse 5: Wiley]
Disgusted by the flashiness, I think I'm a don
They think I'm an actor but I catch this
My two needs are a pillow and a mattress
Once I can fill up the space with a famous actress
Give me a mil, I'll do a DJ set
I pull spikey with the green like a cactus
Showoff, ego's high, you can't match this
Chauvinistic pig, money man tactic

[Verse 6: Wretch 32]
Look, the hardest thing's when you're not getting played
Thinking "it's now or never"
Stood in the stadium watching the game
Amazed that was me
Yep, Mr. Wretch, tryna get off of the bench
Yeah, I've got skills, I can rock with the best
One mic, and then I'll get the team on-site
I said I'll only need one strike
And yeah, did I take a
Track to top 5, but we didn't celebrate it, why?
Cause I'm not on a hat trick
Whole world turned but I didn't do a backflip, I'm
Nowhere where I need to be
I've got a lazy flow, come and sleep with me
I'm wide awake
But when I'm on-stage it seems like a dream to me

[Hook: MNDR]

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