The Sun Songtext - Maroon 5

The Sun - Maroon 5

After school
Walking home
Fresh dirt under my fingernails
And I can smell hot asphalt
Cars screech to a halt to let me pass
And I cannot remember
What life was like through photographs
Trying to recreate images life gives us from our past

And sometimes it's a sad song

But I cannot forget
Refuse to regret
So glad I met you and
Take my breath away
Make everyday
Worth all of the pain that I have gone through
And Mama I've been cryin'
Cause things ain't how they used to be
She said, "The battle's almost won
And we're only several miles from the sun."

Moving on down my street
I see people I won't ever meet
Think of her, take a breath
Feel the beat in the rhythm of my steps

And sometimes it's a sad song


The rhythm of her conversation
The perfection of her creation
The sex she slipped into my coffee
The way she felt when she first saw me
Hate to love and love to hate her
Like a broken record player
Back and forth and here and gone
And on and on and on and on


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