Heaven's Ceiling (feat. Bére) Songtext - MC Jin

Heaven's Ceiling (feat. Bére) - MC Jin

He just turned eighteen, high school senior, book smart
Dreamed of the NFL, captain of the football team
Prom king, mom proud, college bound
Like look at my baby he's a scholar now
While the homies were sitting faded
He concentrated, kept his nose inside the books
And now he finally made it
Celebrate it with the fam
He the first to be overcoming obstacles and adversity
So many dark days and cold cold nights (cold nights)
But the future's looking all so bright
That's why it doesn't seem quite fair
In a split second dreams turned into a nightmare
He was gone by the time paramedics arrived
Ironically the drunk driver survived
At the funeral his mom just cried and cried
Couldn't help but keep wondering why
Then she heard the angel sing..


Faith is forever, so right now
Lets just go to where we lead the world (lead the world)x3
So father, bring us home we will never know
(we will never know)x3
[To heaven's ceiling, we take this life and bring it home with me(?)]x2

She's a mother of three
Two boys, one girl and a husband indeed
Feeling blessed way beyond words can describe
Stay at home mom and she wears it with pride
Girl scout meetings and soccer practice
Grocery shopping and filing taxes
And a missed of all list its still dinner at 6
A picture perfect life, you thought it didn't exist
He's real, we searching for answers
Time stood still when she heard the words Cervical cancer
And the fear's below
Doctor says she has six months that was 3 years ago
Now the whole family's gathered at the side of her bed
Only sound of silence that's aside of her head
Tears rolling down the cheek she's beginning to pray
Closed her eyes and started drifting away
It will be okay..


I'm tryna be faithful
For every second i'm grateful that we had together
Forever and ever i will treasure but why do they have to take you
Still can't let you go, just to let you know
Everytime i close my eyes, i see your face god bless your soul

*Vanlalruata Chhakchhuak

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