Ladies and Gentlemen Songtext - MC Jin

Ladies and Gentlemen - MC Jin

[Verse 1]
I know our time is precious
So I’m hoping this’ll last
I keep runnin’ towards my future
Can’t focus on the past
But this reminds me
Of the first rhyme I ever wrote for you
Here’s what I hope to do
Make every line a quotable
Thats just me
Being overly ambitious
I do this for the people
Not the bloggers or the critics
Wait could it be
Maybe I’m just in denial
Been cravin’ for attention
Ever since I was a child
Is it really a surprise
I feed off of your adoration
When I step on stage
I’m just seekin’ validation
This type of transparency is
Quite new to me
Never felt free enough to
Speak truthfully
Learnin’ how to live
And I’m no longer
Stressin’ fam
Life is a teacher
But don’t expect no lesson plans
This is for the
Dreamers the thinkers
The believers
The lost and confused
The followers
The leaders

[Verse 2]
They say you only get one shot
To make a first impression
Thats why I’m twice as grateful
When I think of all my blessings
Great company
Great minds
Great times
Wouldn’t trade it for the world
If you need it take mines
See the big picture
I’m just here to play my part
You are now watching history unfoldin’
In the arche
Many have tried
Many have failed
Full steam ahead
Only to see their dream derailed
As for me
Ain’t no telling if that ship has sailed
I’m alive and well
The details of my
Of my tale
There’s joy
And there’s pain
Victory and defeat
What I lost
What I gained
The bitter with the sweet
Feel free to stay a while
Take a tour inside my mind
Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to XIV:LIX
Feel free to stay a while
Take a tour inside my mind
And I present to you

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