Everyday (feat. Rick Ross) Songtext - Meek Mill

Everyday (feat. Rick Ross) - Meek Mill

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
I got these niggas hatin' on me
But I don't give a fuck, because they bitches waiting on me
I'm just counting all this money, and buying all these hammers
So when these niggas play, I let my shooters go bananas
Diamonds flashing like a camera, my whip sound like a monster
My bitch got on that shit, she got a million dollar sponsor
These niggas getting sick, somebody call a doctor
Cause all this blood drippin', 20 racks I Louboutin her
I go Dolce & Gabana, Gucci Louis Prada
Fly as hell in YSL boy I got a lot of 'em
Madre and cabanas, that's where they probably find us
Jumpin' off the jet, like sayonara to ya honor

[Hook: Rick Ross]
I spoil them bitches, I employ them niggas
Wipe my ass with the riches like it's some toilet tissue
Fuck with a winner, minks in the winter
Philadelphia millionaire, Meek be that nigga
Yo niggas hatin', my niggas ballin'
Poppin' bands, countin' dollars, buyin' the Magnum bottles
My bitch is patient, yo bitch is boring
Fucked her that Friday night, we both woke up that Sunday morning

[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
Young nigga, lotta cash, bad bitch, lotta ass
Lamborghini kinda fast, it got these haters kinda mad
Make me bring them sticks out, AK with the comma and
These niggas is kinda nice, which means they kinda ass
I be on all kinds of shit, boy I get all kinds of cash
Monday I'mma wear my J's, Tuesday in my Prada bag
Wednesday I go Louboutin, they say "How you been?" I say "Doing fine"
Bitch I ball hard like 2 Lebrons, I hit the booth, no suit and tie
I'm Superman, my bitch is super fly
I make a hater wanna kill hisself, suicide
A nigga play with me? He know it's do or die
Cause I got a big Mac, and that bitch be super sized
Rollin' with a hundred goons, boy I got a hundred jewels
'Bout to fuck a hundred hoes, all them bitches coming soon
Tell 'em that I'm comin' now, tell 'em I'mma common coon
Boy my shit be super hot, I name my album summer June


[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
Bugatti with Rozay, 'bout to meet Jose
He said that that workin', I was like "okay"
She say give me money, I was like "no way"
She got mad and text my phone, it ain't no work if there ain't no pay
I'm like be gone bitch, be gone bitch
I pop a perc, turn on my on switch
Them bitches ain't on that, nigga cause they on this
You put 'em on money, I put 'em on dick, really though


Can I ask a favor?
Please embrace that Meek is just that boy now!
Why fight it?
You’re doing yourself a disservice

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