Im Not a Rapper Songtext - Meek Mill

Im Not a Rapper - Meek Mill

I'm not a rapper I'm a trapper
A spitter I'm a getter
I be posted on the block getting guap with my niggas
I grind I grind I grind
Yea baby I grind I grind I grind
I'm not a decoy baby I'm a d-boy
See me fresh in d-t-s
I come thru with dem dees on
And baby I shine I shine I shine
Yea baby I shine I shine I shine

[Verse 1]
I laugh, cause I rememba I was dead broke
Like I'm so muthafuckin hungry man my head hurt
Until I learned the game
And made my head work
Like get them bitches later, jus take this bread first, yea
I learned that man I was all rite
Went to a trapaholic, get money all nite
All day, soft yea we even gave em hard white
From bad work to brown weed man I dun sold em all types
Ma I done sold it all like from hustlin from all night
Struggling with all ma might man I done lived a hard life
Started with a half of weed n progressed to a ball like
Damn near made me wanna live the boss life
I ball like mike, tie game 5 seconds on the clock
Da narcs playin defense but I'm still gon' take the shot
Yea it's hot to get the guap
I'm a give em all I got
Niggas think that they can see me
That means I'm on the top


[Verse 2]
I said bitch I'm on the grind
I hustle everyday
Ain't got no nine to five
But u can get that nine for five
We got that yay ay ay ay bay, come around my way
Everything be a-ok
Even quarters pass for 0-z's
Niggas know we got that weight but ay ay ay
I remember dog we used to be slaves
Now we whip that white like it's Kunta Kinte
Ayyy all we know is hustle get paid
Grind from the muscle jus to lay up in the shade
Cause I'm the man in ma city ain't nobody fukkin with me
I be rollin thru ya hood ridin shotty with the semi
They be rollin on that good I be popping on that henny
Ride tinted, in the s-r-t with the hemi
See that bad bitch, that's all me I be in it from the front and from the back
I say dis n she do that
I step in it like who that
That's meek milly and them boys
We brought them choppas in the building
We be really making noise!


[Verse 3]
I said, I don't make it rain
Nigga I ain't rich
I ain't gotta milli I ain't tryna press a bitch
Nigga I ain't signed, I ain't got dem bricks
But I still step up in the club feelin like I'm it
We got squally in the building, he in here strapped
Omelly outside at the letout with the mack
Me I'm in the crowd, chilling falling back
Peeping out the scene I see a hater I react
Like u don't want no problems
We come with them choppas
They call us the ladder boys cause we get it popping
We don't do no robbing
All we do is grind
Hustle from the muscle nigga save up every dime
Everybody know I'm bouta blow like a bomb BOOM!
Pull up in the 96' impal VRROOOMMMM!
Hammas in the stash box dirty BROOM!
The holster in the passenger Gangsta Goon!


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