Love Done Live Here Songtext - Meek Mill

Love Done Live Here - Meek Mill

You abandoned me
Love don’t live here anymore
Just a vacancy
Love don’t live here anymore
You abandoned me
Love don’t live here anymore

[Verse 1]
Heart colder then Chicago
Middle of December because my life is like a slideshow
As fast as its coming, is as fast as its going
My friends and my woman like money
Just blowing in the wind
Damn I thought they was rolling 'til the end
My Mama told me them niggas wasn’t rolling to begin
So its blood over water, family over a friend
Too much of water will drown you that blood will run through your skin
That blood flow from your heart
Told me to go from the start
And if you turn off my lights I bet I will glow in the dark
I bet you I will shine bright
As bright as the Prime Night
Them youngins tryna murder and them niggas ain't tryna fight
Cause Mama was never there, his father they never met
So love don’t live there so they shooting or better yet
They scheming instead of dreaming, murking instead of working
They locking them in them prisons but really them youngins is hurting


Guy 1: You want to take care of that business?
You want to smoke old Willie since your punk ass daddy here ain't got the heart to put in the work?
Guy 2: Spent ten years of my life in prison for putting in work!

[Verse 2]
Shawty 16, fucking everything moving
Got raped by her step-dad, he told her "Just do it!"
No job, selling the pussy to get to it
Drinking and smoking anything to get through it
And love don’t live there, struggling she been there
She ain't got no heart, shawty like the tin man
Tell her anything she won't feel it’s like thin air
She done heard everything, you can drop a pen there
And she probably hear it, looking in the mirror
Staring at her reflection and it scare her
Everytime she cry she feel nobody hear her
Devil all in her ear and he whispering that he dare her
She hear him
Everybody fronted on her like she was Rosa Parks
Tried to push her in the back where it was dark
She like a gold fish, they got her swimming with the sharks
Year later found her murdered slayed in the park


[News Reporter: Vernon Odom]
Philadelphia police are still trying to piece together the death of teenage girl found partially clothed in Fairmount park today
Action news reporter Vernon Odom following developments, he joins us live at police headquarters tonight with the very latest

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