Miss Me Songtext - Meek Mill

Miss Me - Meek Mill

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Aye, Aye, I said tell me what's really going on
Philly back up in this bitch I'm ready, I'm in my bag
Sound like I turned and hit them bitches fast
I wake up early in the morning and go get the cash
Everyday my birthday, I be getting cake bitch
Niggas talk about me when they see me never say shit
Shout to that nigga Puffy cause that Loco got me wasted
Standing on the top just blacking out like I'm a racist
Tip be gotta nigga on some fuck a mixtape shit
Diddy gotta a nigga on some drink Ciroc straight shit
We at King and Diamonds throwing money by the case bitch
I just came back from jail, and I'm balling Lebron James shit
Same shit no different day, swagger blow ya bitch away
I been getting money like my block doing a brick a day
I know niggas dead broke, but they just a lick away
From running in your crib, snatching yours, and being rich today
Hey, hockey team on my wrist bitch
Tell that ho to grab my dick and treat it like a lipstick
Stunt so fucking hard I make my hater have a hiss fit
Nigga you don't feel me you gone smell me like a incense
I been sick, swine flu, matter fact no chicken pox
Wonder how he feel I'm fucking every single bitch he got
I was at the bottom and I crept up on the tippy top
Shining on these niggas like the diamonds in my wrist and watch
I love Nicki Minaj, I swear ya'll I admit it
I hope one day I can fuck her just to say I fucking hit it
And girl I'm fucking serious I lick it 'fore I stick it
If you ever hear this verse I'm on your top just like a fitted
Uh, and Philly want that back
You won't even have a show you be in Philly coming back
I make sure I save you verses and put you on every track
I swear to god girl I ain't lying I would kill it from the back
Because I'm gone, yeah I know I"m drawling
If I can can get her now, then I just wait 'til I get on
I don't want you to kiss me, I just wanted to bone
I don't want you to kiss me, I just wanted to bone
And you know I will take you down though
All the way to the ground though
If you wanted to keep your bitch you better not bring her 'round though
If I tell her to hit me, then you know that she gone
She be screaming she miss me, instead of calling my phone
Oh shit, mother fucker god damn
Mah is you fuckin' or not, like Cam
I'm out Miami in the RA going ham
P my passenger
[?] stunting in the lamb'
My nigga [?] in the lamb' too
Up and down on Collins, bending corners like we bamboo
Stunting on my old hoes they see me be like damn boo
Call me Jackie Turner all these hoes that I done ran through
I'm gone, I tell them bitches that I'm gone

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