Power - Freestyle Songtext - Meek Mill

Power - Freestyle - Meek Mill

First you get the respect and then you get the money
After you get the money, that's when the power come
You dig?

[Verse 1]
I'm only 23, living like I'm 32
I just made a 100K and spent it all out with my crew
I be blowing money fast, what the fuck I'm supposed to do?
All this paper I done made, I can't take it to the grave
In a R8 Audi with the motor in the rear
I was nominated youngest baller of the year
Just think a couple months ago, I was locked up on the tier
In a cell but now I'm dropping on these niggas like a tear
For the way I got that Lambo in the back of me
Phantom in the front of me
Stunting on my old hoes, look what this money done to me
Shout out all them niggas in my hood that ever fronted me
Cause I'm a put them all on and better they run to me
Cause real niggas do real things
If you was real you would've went and bought a real chain (Fraud)
Fake ass niggas playing in the real game
Frontin' on they old block, saying that the deal came
They asking how I get all this power
Cause I be on the grind like 24 hours (Yes sir)
365 dream chasing for a dollar, I been here since yesterday, I ain't even take a shower
More money more power, more power, more business, more bitches
Tryna holla when they see you by the dollar
And the problem when you on that cake
And when you shine, a lot of niggas they be on that hate
If I don't grind then who the fuck gon' put it on my plate?
She say I'm Hollywood, well shit I must be on my way
With my Louis luggage straight to Californ-ia
I hit my nigga K, like meet me by the port by eight
Uh, I had a dream like Mr. King
That I was in a phantom, color Listerine (Ew)
No top, bald headed like Mr. Clean
Shit I ain't claiming these bitches like Billie Jean
I'm just doing something to these niggas really mean
He got the money without the power, what do he mean?
He like the nigga that ride the bench that's playing for a team
That win the champ ain't get no ticks but he still get the rings

You dig me?
You like a nigga
Ya'll niggas got five rings
But you been riding the bench for five years
So that don't make you a nigga with power
You know what I mean?
That don't make you a Kobe nigga
Cause you was riding the bench while niggas was putting in the work
But you was just there and got the rings
You dig me?
That's like a nigga with no power, I'm gone

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