Str8 like that (feat. 2 Chainz & Louie V) Songtext - Meek Mill

Str8 like that (feat. 2 Chainz & Louie V) - Meek Mill

We just too turnt up
Turn up to the max
We be gettin to it
Do it straight like that

[Hook x2]
We do it straight like that, get money straight like that
We run it straight like that, who want it straight like that?

[Bridge x2]

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
DJ turn me up! Please don't turn me down
These niggas ain't hear me then, these niggas gonna hear me now
I got bad hoes in my section, these niggas wanna burn me down
So I'm gon' make it sparkle, tell the waiter come serve me now
Just Ciroc bottles and top models, all real niggas that pop hollows
I pulled up and I drop-topped, and my bad bitch just popped out
And like Alakazam! This shit way out of my hands!
And I'm with black card shawty, vroom-vroom jumpin out of that Lamb
Well damn, it's YSL in my shirt, fly as hell off Earth
Y'all niggas smoking on dirt, I'm on probation poppin on Perc
We sippin that lean, the fuck y'all mean
My money so long and my bitch so mean
We smokin on strong and I'm with my team
And We turned up, got your bitch tryna fuck

[Hook x2] + [Bridge x2]

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
All I do is turn up, I'm about to show y'all
Early bird get the worm, I'm up way before y'all
I don't even know y'all, riding with the doors off
Fuck her on the lean, then I fucking doze off!
The dope man is my role model, I had a TV on top of my floor model
That bitch would show, fiends used to smoke dope out the antenna
Closet full of amphibians, aim at it and hit it
Difference between me and your girl: my girl, ass thicker
Life sentence in my trunk, real niggas respect it
Dumb charm on my necklace, stupid watch on my left wrist
I ain't have a lot so I brag a lot, when I got a lot, I pop a lot
I bought a drop, bought some pussy, get head in the parking lot
My rhyme style's unorthodox, my weed stank no Tic-Tac
Asking me where I get that, Gucci sat on my flip flap!
Paint job cost 10 stacks, rims cost me another ten
So tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend

[Hook x2] + [Bridge x2]

[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
Straight like that nigga, straight like that
No birthday get cake like that
And I ball hard niggas hate like that
Cause I drop that work, come straight right back like whoa
I peeled off in the Bent, came straight right back in a Rolls
Peeled off with ya bitch, came straight right back with ya ho
Nigga we share that bitch, 10 big chains I don't wear that shit
Big Glock 9, I air that shit
And a big V12, I steer that shit like skurrrt
And they be like word, I'm with a bad bitch, but I wouldn't wife her
My neck all froze and my wrist like burr
And my shit so cold, Ima need a light fur
We turned up to the max, turned up on them racks
Got shorty all on that pole and she gon turn up for these stacks
Cause I'm ballin', like Spalding
My wrist flooded, New Orleans
And I'm shittin on 'em, no toilet
And no referee, I called it

[Hook x2] + [Bridge x2]

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