Whiplash (Live in Mexico City) Songtext - Metallica

Whiplash (Live in Mexico City) - Metallica

[Verse 1]
Late at night all systems go
You have come to see the show
We do our best you're the rest
You make it real you know
There is a feeling deep inside
That drives you fucking mad
A feeling of a hammerhead
You need it oh so bad

Adrenaline starts to floe
You're thrashing all around
Acting like a manic

[Verse 2]
Bang your head against the stage
Like you never did before
Make it ring make it bleed
Make it really sore
In a frenzied madness
With your leathers and your spikes
Heads are bobbing around
It is hot as hell tonight


[Verse 3]
Here on stage the Marshall noise
Is piercing through your ears
It kicks your ass kick your face
Exploding feeling nears
Now is the time to let it rip
To let it fucking loose
We are gathered here to maim and kill
Because this is what we choose


[Verse 4]
The show is through the metal is gone
It is time to hit the road
Another town another gig
Again we will explode
Hotel rooms and motorways
Life out here is raw
But we will never stop
We will never quit
Because we are Metallica


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