It Had Better Be Tonight [Meglio Stasera] Songtext - Michael Bublé

It Had Better Be Tonight [Meglio Stasera] - Michael Bublé


Yeah (Buck! Buck!) come on y'all, it's goin' down
Shouts out to the homie D.O.C. (St. Clair) Rest In Peace Eazy-E (St. Clair)

Mm-hmm Bickups Bone Thugs-n-harmony and D.J. Quik, it's down y'all

We up in here, it's the cypher (Flesh-n-Bone)

[Verse 1: Flesh-n-Bone]

See Flesh about to gash ya

No tellin' what me and my niggas 'bout to do to ya

We smash, leavin' you niggas without your nuts when we get through wit'cha

None of this shit is new to us, everybody keep doin' us

This is the era that my dogs created, they came through in us

Who be truer than us? I wonder what you might answer

These stupid hoes keep trying but don't come close

So they can't stand us, stop trynna reprimand us

You niggas done lost yo' fuckin' mind, thinkin' you better

Just the thought of it is outlandish
I brandish an AK-47 then point it your way

"You dead" they say

I'm handing out beat downs every single motherfuckin' day!

Stay on this thug shit, there's no other way to make it bubble

I just might make shit pop but y'all don't want that kind of trouble

I'ts suttle whenever I slip into this mind state, y'all in danger

When I rip niggas apart, nothing left of them remain

So I'ma continue to let these niggas have it, and show no mercy

You fuckin' with "one man army" opponents never could hurt me

I'm playin' thuggin' when I'm on a mission, they say "It ain't fair"

You niggas done had your warning

So why in the hell y'all have to take me there?

One thing you haters got fucked up about me, I ain't never scared

Come look me in my eyes and tell me if you see any fear

Still I'm that nigga from St. Clair, if you wanna Quest where I'm from

Or where you from or them places that can't compare

You niggas ain't nothing but lust, so I just all think that it's fucked

You're lucky you'd still be breathing my nigga but not for long, oh well
They finna get touched up heavily with this...

Touched up heavily with this rhythm, I'm givin' it to you raw

Hit 'em and niggas they feel it, that's how they're done as they brope off

Stacked the 5th Dog, killing these hoes off softly, bitch now die slow

I send 'em to meet lil Deo, then they get sent to meet Diablo

Adios amigo, comprende? listen the way I say and slay

Nigga don't fuck around, see I'm serving these words I spray

Face it, nev'theless the fact ain't no escape, I chop your head

Pop it off your shoulder, then bury the head along with the hatchet

You niggas hardly expect it while you feel Flesh resurrection

Look at us sick and sore from stressing

Over the million dollar question: "Something new, something new

When they gon' come with something new?"

But Layzie, Krayzie, Bizzy, Wish, and Flesh gon' come with something new

You niggas ain't never heard it like some Flesh and the rest of my crew

Since my niggas the most spittin' here goes some more they can chew

High energy, strong, with the wisdom sense of a rich man

Knowledge and the rhythm, this is what I'm using to come up with these styles

So I'll interact altogether with the crouds

(Man, it's like the muthafuckin' shows is, ha my nigga, that's how the muthafuckin' shows is, come on, let's go...)

(Bizzy Bone!)

[Verse 2: Bizzy Bone]

Its the classical doc masterful savage rappers immacable

Average I spit it casual package it

What time is it niggas clock me im cuckoo, lose every muthafucking scruple

Nigga this Bizzy Bone, Google me internet style, Youtube

Hand it to the captain kirk, I'm finna cobain the kool aid

Fuck what these fools say, I'm in the county

No food for 2 days, 2 braids, a plastic bag of toothpaste and bullshit

First class to the crib, that's how the muthafucking shows is

Lean with it, Waynes world (I like that)

Come on, ha... lean with it, Waynes world, Karma throw her theme with it

Seen with it, better be better than last year, king with it

She wanted Chris 19, and I put some dream in it

Now let me put that A in the middle, right where the seam splitted

Tell one of these niggas to pass the pump and let me take a toke

Red Hot Chili Pepper, my nigga that was a good joke

5 percent of thinkin' let me poof pow be gone
Rest in peace Chris Lighty; my nigga move on

'95 eternally, weed smoking most certainly

Black widow blew perfectly, talking easy threw surgery

Supple with the serpent no slurping nobody fucks with me

Company on the move, Bone thugs-n-harmony's back to loving me!?!

See these animals outta the jungle we never will struggle I pick up the

Ball and if one of us fumble I go to the gutter

And get all my hustle it's back to the booth

Nigga let's bubble lets get in a shuffle, let's get in a scuffle

I say that we rumble and rustle up niggas we doing a cypher

Dear lord, let a nigga be humble

Y'all still don't understand, y'all rappin' fast

Stealin' my brand that's a whole new plan, man I'm just sayin'

You siphon nigga Iraqi style, duck a nigga like Pacquiao

Broke rappers get mad so fuck you niggas, with a cash smile

Im asphalt, salient salts solvents and vaults

Cripsy weed, jaws full of joints, bars, niggas lost

Faded the bron' cleveland play, Miami like Weezy stay

Get it the fuck up outta here

Cock the pump, slap the clip into the Glock and spit it fast so that I can get it

Go with it for da block lead the coppers on the corner where they sell rocks

So fitted tight like a glove acquitted

I'm OJ Simpson, I'm Michael Jackson, I'm lupe Fiasco

These muthafuckas don't understand me I'm flippin' threateningly

Leave the kitchen, cooking these scriptures in liquids

Saute that lettering in skillets of harmony

Spices, no cinnamon with one more element some rythm and

Realer than rippin' 'em, no vitamins, Biblical flowing like Gidians
Clack back me pump, hollw point mixed wit dum-dum kickin'

Rappers that laying all over the floor, shut up and listen
Its a jack move, stalking gat fools, I got some bad news

We finna get at you, kickin' that's when we pass through

Tried to leave us out the cypher, let them thugs have a glass with you

Mash with you, five niggas rappin' with a passion, fast with you

Rocks that makes me flash with you, smash with you and at you too

Bone don't move till I ask you to

See my goons will smash half of this room if I ask them to

Before I leave, better ask my dudes, ain't we the coldest group ever

Word to Eazy, nigga with attitudes, Cleveland city avenues

Crack house is the death of our mentalists

Momma lended a track and Wally my niggas

Shit grin, make me grin again, me and my niggas gettin' it in

Y'all finna be coasting to that same Bone shit again


[?] for a second, then the rest... [?] state of mind...

(Krayzie Bone!)
Murder murder kill kill redrum redrum

[Verse 3: Krayzie Bone]

I come with a [?] vision for all them niggas, that's ready for lyrical war

Finna do way more than just even the score

The thugs we come for blood, so guard your grill, we are the deal, we all real

Ya'll already know who that, they never seen a rapper like me

It's relevant yet em considered a throwback
Call it classic swag it's Kray askin' Jack

I pick up the mic and they all say "down bad man do that"

The game done studied me long time now, but it still can't seem to really get it

Niggas we can just admit it, my niggas the sickest with it
I pick up the pen and I go in like a surgeon

Verbally come to save a dying game cause it's hurtin'
I tell 'em to follow the leader

We keeping 'em stumbling, they better speed up

Y'all niggas can't tell me how this game don't need us, we up!
And got ball, first and ten leaving the touch down once again

The game is over niggas once I'm in

I'm sneakin' up on 'em like I was the wind and blow 'em away

And showin' 'em the way

The fuck up outta here, the storm is coming today and it's in the form of Kray

I tell 'em you should've been checked the forecast

I'm so bad, with the pen and the notepad I get up in your ass

So how in the hell is they doing the cypher

But never invited the illest spitters, realest niggas

Known to kick a little ass and after that, handle some business (Hey)

I figure they scared of the thugs just cause we too real

Still runnin' with gats and bats and hoes you finna get hit with true steel

We one in a mill, we coming to kill 'em all

Less drama more music, so don't choose it

Cause I got a pump and if it jump off I'm gon' use it

Its mister goddamn murderer, lyrically kill 'em permanent

And after I battle wit'chu, y'all gon' wanna forfeit the tournament
Competitors no concerning, hear heart beat but it never did pump no fear

So thinkin' you finna come up in this bitch and just lean on me, that ain't fair

Sick of these lil' niggas running around like Bone ain't they daddy
He a legitimate bastard

Some of them resemble me a little but none of them get it like pappy

And tell your mammy I ain't payin' on nothing, so don't even ask me

Real nigga, I still keep my heat and crease my khakis

I'm finna GET IN THE ESSENCE OF weapon cause nigga the beat done got me

They doubt me, but ask yourself just where would you be without me

Been here 20 years, many years they still ain't ready for me

I'm constant run like the river nigga, I'm steady flowing

They tell me they love me, the way that I flip it or spit the harmony with it

Created the lane and step on this gas, so nigga don't bother me with it

They know that title belong to Bone

So nigga just leave it alone, and let us move on

I'm comin' WITH LEATHER MORE LEATHER my niggas is sick with it
Really [?] with it

We on the mission to pick up the pieces and stick with it

Flow like I'm liquid, so slick with it

Roll with them niggas that used to be [?], now we just get in 'em lyrical

Niggas be nothing like me and my niggas AINT HERE BUT AINT OUTTA THE GAME IN digital

Shame these niggas don't really know that we started it fathered it birthed it

We be the heart of it

So give me the beat or melody don't really matter because I'm killing all of it

I hit em up in they mind like a NINE HEAD SPUN because its

Murder murder kill kill redrum redrum redrum


Let the lil' man get a piece, fuck everybody, I slap niggas first anyway, nigga

(That's Lay right there!)

(Layzie Bone!)

[Verse 4: Layzie Bone]

Who want it with layzie nigga fuck you pay me

Been doing is since the eighties, early eighties

Nobody can fade me, my partner in rhyme is still Krayzie

And we finna break bread

The rest of them niggas got layed down and play dead

With Bizzy and Wish and Flesh, I roll on them niggas

I never did play fair, we rappers of St. Clair

The struggle the grind, the grit and the muscle

The First of the Month, Foe tha Love of the Money

That Grammy the shit, that's how I hustle

Trust me, nope, them niggas don't want no trouble

Niggas be skeletons in my bone yard, trying to show hard

Nigga I buck you, buck you, I cut like a jit su

Them niggas is going through what I done been through

I get in the cypher, I set niggas diapers on fire to show 'em what men do

They hut and attend to the order the generals call in the field

My 110 too, you 50 percent and you claiming that real

Lay, that's why I'm hard to fade, Hall of Fame

Put me up in the Hall of Fame, Layzie Bone givin' you all the game

Y'all explain what's understood and never did have to be

Savagely I ravage beats, my money attracted magically

But I had the key, could've picked the lock, instead I chose to kick the door Tragically it had to be for the ones that went form friend to foe

My thugs is indispensable, friendship is the principle

Boys to men to the end of the road, but the crossroads not the pinnacle

It's a winner though, all original, this history now I'ma make it stick

My nigga we 'bout to be Laker rich, that mystery murder man break a snitch

Taking trips, yep we party on plenty of acreage

The Bone be going for twenty years strong

Now how in the fuck can we fake this shit
Bitch, yep I ride with 2 Glocks

Stick a rapper up for his new chain, hit 'em up like I'm 2Pac

Wanna do things? I move crowds cause that bang bang get too loud

Forever they callin' me young thug cause the unplugged is the new style now

Who in the fuck is claiming the best in the business

And where's the ring that niggas is playing in? cause I'm 'bout to get wit 'em

I'm hearing king this, chrome that, all the influenced bone rap

Get ready my nigga we at it again, them other ones taking that long nap

Never met a click of five, mighty Mo Thug we still alive

FBG, yeah it's the life, Harmony Howse, and Seventh Sign

Perfect, nigga this A to Z and we workin'

Been around the globe with Steve Lo' shouts out to Full Surface

Nigga it's your time, Go time, I'ma bust in the low mine

Dangerous like a gold mine, clickin' up like Fortran

Biatch! (laugh)


Wish Bone!

[Verse 5: Wish Bone]

Y'all niggas to quit that, this is real rap, y'all niggas need to sit back

[?] for the teacher, I got that

Lyrical holder, spit fire, or smotherer, or get swolled up

I'm a grown man, with a life long plan, understand that?

It could go ugly, murders, HOW OLD DO YOU THINK I AM?

But I still got hands and I put 'em on ya

FOR THE WORLDWIDE ERA formula, I warned ya

Get [?], got some ditches you bitches

At the same time, we move a life long hustle my niggas

Say sorry from the top, gotta lie, gotta have that money

Power, respect we earned that

Maintain twenty years in the game and Bone ain't done yet

You heard me, we ain't done yet

It ain't over till it's over, and it ain't over

Worst nightmare, don't you play with me

Or we can be partners, nigga get money

Lamborghini dream, empty pocket realities, that's not for me, see me

We can part on the North Side

Ride and we gon' party on the East Side

Ride and we gon' party on the South Side

Ride we gonna keep it real in the West (West) for Eazy-E

Give me my shoes and I'ma run wit 'em

My story's far from the soft nigga, and I stand wit 'em

I got what you want and what you need

Only thing that makes me Old School is this .38 Slug

No clues, no fools, and plus my bad bitch she got [?] Ooh

It's amazing these niggas still playing, still praying

And all that's lost, especially the boss, and all I know, I'm lost

Y'all niggas go ahead and do this shit, I'm done

I love you Bri Bri


Flesh-n-Bone, Bizzy Bone, Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, and Wish Bone

Ladies and gentlemen, Bone Thugs-n-harmony in the formula cypher

Produced by yours truly DJ Quik and Dave Foreman
What up Steve Lobel, I see you, we workin'

Jamie Adler, holla back

*Caps indicate guesses

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