Finesser Songtext - Migos

Finesser - Migos

[Hook: Quavo]
Finesser, finesser
Finesser, finesser
This is my life, (my life, my life)
This is my life
Finesser, finesser
Finesser, finesser
This is my life
This is my life (finesse, finesse, finesse)

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Finessed the plug by the check, I hop on a jet, I go to Quebec
When I went to the jeweler didn't know what I wanted
And I told him as long as my diamonds are wet
I am a blessing and you are a curse
I only finesse the plug with words
Placed the order, I ordered the birds
She put 'em in a car then a young nigga skurrt
Teen bands in the suitcase no flex
Young nigga in the hood, walking round sellin nicks
Ever since a young nigga, balling like a Net
And I got a Asian plug, no Jeremy Lin
Let the top back, let your hair blow in the wind
Finesse the plug, I don’t need a Benjamin
Judge out of trial so you know I'm innocent
Smoking on gas blunts longer than incense


[Verse 2: Offset]
Juug, Finesse, Steal
I gotta have a mil
I was raised on the hill like Jack and the Jill
Do anything just to pay them bills
My brother caught 15 waiting for the pill
When a nigga broke, he coming at your throat
Tryna' sell the coke but it really is soap
My lil' nigga Shad got smoked
Hungry for the money, trying to get the dough
Shit get real, nigga tried to kill
All this bullshit for a dollar bill
Hoes set you up, they don’t give a fuck
Tryna' get ya bucks, watch who you fuck
Plug’s like a socket, gotta keep the rocket
Tryna get a profit, running to that money like Sonic
All my cars robotic
No Master P, but "I'm Bout It" gone


[Verse 3: Takeoff]
Finessing and flexing like Wrestlers
Indian plug in that castle
Bald headed Jag, got cancer
Turn your main bitch to a dirty dancer
I’m cooking and wrapping them chickens
Finessing these niggas on tickets
If I fuck with ya, I’mma give you a straight drop
If its anotha' nigga I gotta remix it
Flipping them patties like Krabby's
My shoes is Prada's or Bally's
Finessing since I can remember
My wrist so cold, December
I’m selling T-bones, they tender
That steel wrapped around me like Bender
Difference between me and you
I'm real and you a pretender


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