Hit Em Songtext - Migos

Hit Em - Migos

[Hook: Quavo]
Your bitch look like she want to fuck some
That’s what I did when I came in the room and I hit her with the uh
(Hit it!) When a nigga hit the plug
When I nigga hit the trap and I hit em with the pump
Look at the pot, look at the egg beater, hit em with the uh (skkrt)
Hit em with it, hit em with it
Hit em with it, hit em with it, hit em with it
Hit em with it, hit em with it
Hit em with it (Hit it!)
Hit em with it, hit em with it (Hit it!)
Hit em with it (Hit it!)
Hit em with it, hit em with it (Hit it, hit it, hit it!)
Hit em with it (Hit, hit!)

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Hit it, hit it, man I’m tryna stretch it to a whole fifty
Hit the juug, man I’m tryna put you niggas on if you with it
You niggas in your own lane, Migo gang in a division
Hit the pot just for the extras, abracadabra it’s missing
Hit the pot, hit it, hit it, hit it, make em take that like Diddy
Fuck fuck nigga talking, pull up on the block with extensions
Look up the statistics, I’m worth a million
I might pull up in the coupe and hurt your feelings
If you shooting at a nigga, better hit him
Cause you never know, he could come back and hit you

[Hook: Quavo]

[Verse 2: Offset]
Hit em with it, remix em
Beat em with it, Imma go and beat em with it
I won’t ever leave it in her
Bullets hit the Sprinter, you sweeter than a cinnamon
I’m checking my agenda, you niggas acting feminine
Had enough to pay my dividends, Migos I’m a citizen
It was evident we had to stay passionate
Pissing diamonds accident, my money is immaculate
Hit em with the tackle
Pull out the chopper, not fronting I’ll rush em
Sipping on Actavis in my blood vessel
I am not a mason but I’m rocking Margiella’s
Higher than a motherfucker, just like a propeller
I’m riding in the Mulsanne, Bentley got umbrellas
My plug’s too far so I tell a nigga mail em


[Verse 3: Takeoff]
Nigga talking crazy like he want to buck
Hit him with the uppercut, I make him knuckle up
Pull up in the Lamborghini Murcielago to
Make your bitch buckle up, turn me up
Sipping on poison ivy, but nigga check my double cup
My brothers know Isley, tweety bird tweeting in my Bentley truck
Nigga talking bout a check then Imma run it up
Shots fired at my sprinter bus, bap bap bap, grrrrrrraow
Nobody got hit, it was ten of us
Touch down at Coachella and they pulling up
Pick up the vector, then I point it up
Start busting, ain’t no need to load it
I hit the gas, take out their expedition truck

[Hook: Quavo]

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