Lambo Doors Songtext - Migos

Lambo Doors - Migos

[Hook x2]
Lambo doors, she ain't ever seen before
Top floor in condos, pull up wearin' red rose gold
Pourin' lean by the 4, bad bitches at my show
Turn up, turn up, turn up every time you see the Migos

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Yeah, Lambo doors, top floor condo
Wearin' red rose gold, fuckin' foreign hoes
Every time you see me, them Feds lookin' where I go
Gotta keep my hand clean, keep a lawyer on my phone
And you know the trap, it be boomin' all night long
And you know it, like Michael Jordan, 23, I'm in my zone
I might go cop official True Religion so I have to take a flight to Hong Kong
I'm walkin' around with the chrome, when you see the goon y'all better go home
Steven Spielberg, bring your camera out
VVS shinin' so turn the lights out
We the youngest niggas in the street that everybody be talkin' 'bout
Roll extension cords, smokin' on the mild

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Offset]
I'm in the Lam, she ain't ever seen before
I'm in the 'rari she ain't ever seen before
Turn up when you see the Migos
I got your bitch 'bout to send me her soul
I'm all about the head like a pillow
I got an eskimo in my earlobe
Red VV's 'round my collarbone
Red Actavis in my Styrofoam
Black Lambo, with the butterfly doors
Spaceship UFO, my whip ain't even in the store
I'm in the kitchen water whippin' on the stove
Private jet get you where you wanna go
I'm in the backseat coolin' in the Rolls
Shawty mad, couldn't open up the doors
Young nigga try to clone out the recipe
The money gettin' the best of me
The baking soda is the recipe
When I was broke, the baking soda rescue me
I know you ain't seen it
Young nigga walkin' with the Louis on the beanie
Got to keep the ratchet cause a young nigga schemin'
Had to pull the Lam out, shawty ain't believe me

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Quavo]
Oh she bad, but I don't need her
Drop my top, I got Mazi fever
What's that in your long, bad blunt? I'm smokin' on Keisha
What's that in your bottle? Sippin' on lean by the liter
God damn Quavo, you movin' too slow, what the lean go for?
We can chop it up in the bando, I ship the pack anywhere they wanna go
Top floor coolin' in the condo, look out, see the ocean view
Make y'all niggas watch this movie, young nigga actin' like Tom Cruise
I got Louis V on my shoes, I got your mortgage in my jewels
I got a Corvette in my jeans, you broke, you don't know what that means
I'm just a young nigga gettin' trap money, invest it into the rap money
Back then, shawty you were actin' funny, I'ma still smash, you ain't gettin' nothin'

[Hook x2]

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