Taking Over Songtext - Miles Kane

Taking Over - Miles Kane

Life's never easy
It keeps you guessing as you go
Don't be looking at the scenery
You should be heading up the road

Hey brother, can you sell me some?
I think I'm brewing up a storm
I was smiling at the radio
They think I'm heading for a fall

And now she's taking over
I think she's taking over me
And if she's taking over
She's really got a hold on me

Tears will flow
But we'll never know until we try
We have travelled the roads
Gone from kisses to blows
Only heaven knows where this story goes

Leafing through the pages
My life's an open book
What to do and where to go
I need to take another look

To be unfashionably outrageous
A new insanity for my neighbour
It's surprisingly contagious---Lyrics submitted by J Hill.

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