Queens Songtext - MisterWives

Queens - MisterWives

[Verse 1]

Stoop livin' was a heaven that we fit in

Summer sun, we would run far away from our fears

Waiting for the train in the winter

Couldn't hide and our trees were froze in tears
Mama said she'd always keep us warm

Roof over our head, even though it was torn

My Queens is a queen

Not talking bright lights and shiny things

But we always made it work

Building castles out of dirt

My home is a throne

Not very pretty, but tough as stone

And we always made it work

No matter how much it did hurt


Bought my first keys at fifteen

Not for a car, play my songs at every shitty drive wall

Big dreams in the biggest city

She don't care if you ever make it far

Mama said, "Don't ever lose sight

Stay true to your voice inside."


[Bridge] [x2]

But we all lift each other up

Learn to shake the demons off

Conquer all this world throws at us

Cause love is strong enough


[Bridge] [x2]

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