Brave (feat. Andy Mineo) Songtext - Moriah Peters

Brave (feat. Andy Mineo) - Moriah Peters

[Verse 1: Moriah Peters]
No one ever told me
This would be easy
But I never knew
That it could be this hard
Oh the worry the worry the worry
Is weighing on me
Could you help me break down
All these question marks
And make me

[Hook: Moriah Peters]
I'll fight like a soldier
Rise like a warrior
Won't stop till the final day
I want to be stronger
Gonna be bolder
Look up and I see the way
You make me brave

[Verse 2: Moriah Peters]
I know I know I'm no superwoman
But impossible is possible with You
So no, no, no more running, no more hiding
Strike the fire so I'll be fearless too
And make me

[Hook: Moriah Peters]

[Verse 3: Andy Mineo]
Risen like warriors from these prisoner corridors
Freed from the orators of my former master
Now we don’t gotta do what you ask us
So let me tell ya fear kills more dreams than
Failure uh
Fallin in that trap again So I’m
Openin that map again No I’m
Not talking bout that app in my apple, man
That’s sideways
X marks the spot
Let me ask again
You wanna be….BRAVE
Huh Fight like a soldier…. Brave
Huh You rise like a warrior…Brave
Ah Don’t stop until the final day…Brave
If you wanna be brave
Let me hear you say

[Hook: Moriah Peters]x2

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