Scissorhands (The Last Snow) Songtext - Motionless In White

Scissorhands (The Last Snow) - Motionless In White

Incomplete, alone and unfinished, my flaws in design are all I've become
I can feel myself wither away, the darkest of evils, this way will become
Isolation, mutilation as predicted this love has torn us apart
From temptation to damnation, my heart bars a distance that you can never comprehend

If you only knew how much I'd die just to hold you without my hands disguised
As the darkness approaches the light, I welcome the dead into my soul
And as vanity strikes with a vengeance to bury me under this 6 feet of snow
I've fallen in love

I'm a man with scissors for hands, I long for a love that I know I can't have
It's so sad, my heart in your hands, I melt like the snow in the part where you dance
I am immortal, as the look on your face when your walking away
Your pitiful, and the grip on my sanity's starting to sway

Now come and take me away
I keep myself alive just to die more every day.
I wont, I wont let you, I wont let you take this life from me,
I'm not sorry, you deserve everything you get from this

Something wicked this way comes.

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