Follow Me Songtext - Muse

Follow Me - Muse

When darkness falls and surrounds you,
when you fall down when you're scared.
And you're lost. Be brave.
I'm coming to hold you now
When all your strength has gone.
And you feel wrong, like your life has slipped away.

Follow me.
You can follow me.
And I will not desert you now.
When your fire's died out.
No one's there.
They have left you for dead.

Follow me,
you can follow me.
I will keep you save.
Follow me,
you can follow me.
I will protect you.

I won't let them hurt,
they're huting you, no.
Ooh yeah.
When your heart is breaking.

You can follow me
You can follow me
I will always keep you safe
follow me
you can trust in me
I will alwats protect you, my love
feel my love
feel my love
WRITTEN BIJ MATTHEW BELLAMY SINGER OF MUSE.---Lyrics submitted by spiderdommeh.

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