Nobody Songtext - Ne-Yo

Nobody - Ne-Yo

[Verse 1]
She hit the floor and make the club ignite.
She likes a sexy little fire.
She keep on begging for more if you play it right,
She can fulfill your every desire.

So super natural for real a crazy style and sex appeal
Hey pretty mama what's the deal would you be mine.
Hey you got what I like.
Nobody strut like her,
Can't nobody touch, nobody cut like her,
Nobody touch her (nobody nobody nobody)

[Verse 2]
She got the music pumping through her veins
The way she do it makes you wanna (get up and touch that body oh)
I like to sit and watch her do her thing but in a minute I'ma join her.

[Chorus: x3]

Nobody touch her, body cut like her, nobody touch her.

[Chorus: Repeats]

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