December Songtext - Neck Deep

December - Neck Deep

[Verse 1]

Stumbled around the block a thousand times
You missed every call that I had tried
So now I'm giving up
A heartbreak in mid-December
You don't give a fuck
You never remember me
While you're pulling on his jeans
Getting lost in the big city
I was looking out our window
Watching all the cars go
Wondering if I'll see Chicago
Or a sunset on the West Coast
Or will I die in the cold
Feeling blue and alone
I wonder if you'll ever hear this song on your stereo


I hope you get your ball room floor
Your perfect house with rose red doors
I'm the last thing you'd remember
It's been a long lonely December
I wish I'd known that less is more
But I was passed out on the floor
That's the last thing I remember
It's been a long lonely December

[Verse 2]

Cast me aside to show yourself in a better light
I came out grieving, barely breathing and you came out alright
But I'm sure you'll take his hand
I hope he's better than I ever could have been
My mistakes were not intentions this is a list of my confessions I couldn't say

Pain is never permanent but tonight it's killing me


[Bridge] x2

I miss your face
You're in my head
There's so many things that I should have said
A year of suffering, a lesson learned


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