Rock Bottom Songtext - Neck Deep

Rock Bottom - Neck Deep

[Verse 1]

Dancing on the grave you made to hide me
Remove the pictures from the wall cause they're reminding
You of all the things you try so hard to hide and
She digs the graves so she knows just where she can find it

And I don't have much to offer but had you loved me I'd have loved you back forever


Here I am again, rock bottom
Dug this hole to hell to rot in
Shouldn't have ignored my friends
I frayed the rope that they had dropped in
Here I lay again, rock bottom
What was life? I had forgotten
How the sun felt on my skin
Resurrect again and start again

[Verse 2]

She said, "You're distant from the world and self destructive."
But she still smiles and laughs along for self indulgence
She's got her finger on the pulse and she feels nothing
She digs the graves so she can dance like no ones watching
And I know you're chasing something
Or has what you wanted got you scared and running?
And I know you're missing something
Because I felt it there that night and caught you blushing


[Bridge] x2

The ebb and flow of life's a mystery
So I guess I'll never know
Yeah I got caught up in history
So I think it's time for me to let this go


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