Love To Burn - 1991 Live Songtext - Neil Young

Love To Burn - 1991 Live - Neil Young

[Chorus 1]
Late one night I was walking in the valley of hearts
A spirit came to me and said:
You got to move to start
You got to take the first step
You got to crawl to be tall
And then she me told something, something that
I'll never forget

[Chorus 2]
You got love to burn
You better take your chance on love
You got to let your guard down
You better take a chance
A chance on love
Take chance on love
On love

In the valley of hearts there's a house full of broken windows
And the lovers inside just quarrel all the time
Why'd you ruin my life?
Where you taking my kid?
And they hold each other saying
How did it come to this?

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 1]

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