Gettin' It Started Songtext - Nelly

Gettin' It Started - Nelly

Yeah hey, alright, come on in, wassup baby, how you doin'?
(Hey, Boo, wassup?)
You lookin' good
(Thank You) What's them
Are they some Gucci?
(Well, you know, you know)
You lookin' good wit' it, fo' show
Yeah, everything is nice (everything is good)
I'm lookin' good, I'm feelin' good
We gonna have a good time this evening (no doubt)
Just chillin, got a little champagne over here, want somethin' to drink?
Yeah, I'm thirsty
Damn baby
Excuse me, I already
Smell like balonga
Excuse me, I already been drinkin' a little something, you know?
That's my bad, don't even trip (alright)
I just had a little something earlier, excuse me, what you need?
(I need that new Nellyville) The new Nelly, huh?
(Yeah, yeah now that right there gets me real loose) (you want that new Nelly, the new Nellyville)
Right, I think I got that, hold on (I need that Nellyville)
Let me look over here, I don't know
I'm almost sure I got that, I got it here, baby (Alright baby, okay, alright)
I got all the hot stuff, I usually have everything, let me see
(Damn baby my auntie gotta chouch just like that) You talkin' bout, you want Nelly though, right?
(Oh, yeah the Nellyville)
You Nelly, not the Lunatics, Nelly (What wrong, you ain't got it? Yeah)
I got you (Okay) I think um
Let me see, god damn (How much you pay for rent in this spot?)
I ain't got Nelly, I got Ocanelly, I got, put it in yo mouth
(There will be none of that tonight, na eh, no baby) (aight, cool, I'm not lyin'
You know maybe later or something (no baby) 
Ain't nuttin' to it, hopefully, hopefully, look
(What's the problem?) So that's what you need though
(Nellyville is what I need, Nellyville)
That's what you need (aha)
I got you don't even trip (Okay)
I want you to stay, and I'ma run down to the store, real quick
I'ma just run down to the street (hurry up, hurry up)
Right down the street
I'll be right back with you (okay)
I want you to sit here, look good (Nellyville)
Look delicious, like ya self
I'mma be right back (okay) you keep it hot for me
I'm goin' to get that Nellyville for you
Right away (hurry up)
I'll be right back, don't go nowhere (Nellyville)
I mean that
And I'm sayin', you got some food in this spot, I'm hungry

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