Know What I'm Not Songtext - Nico & Vinz

Know What I'm Not - Nico & Vinz

[Intro: 2Pac Interview]

These little kids at the gas station

It impressed me that these little kids was like 14

And they pumping people's gas

Instead of taking the money like I would be, that's the easy way

They pumping people's gas and you know people is cruel

They'll give you a quarter after watching you inhale vapors and everything

They give you a quarter for pumping gas

And I gave the little kids like 50 bucks they was like "Ohh! Ohh! Thank you!"

But that teaches them the worst

That teaches them that when you work hard and be responsible, there's a reward for that

And I think that, just like I did that, corporations can do that

And on a big level you know

Just like imagine if a corporation just sent a representative and said

Go hang out in that playground, and when you tell me you see the one

Whatever kid is the coolest and shares the ball or lets the most people play basketball

We gon give him a scholarship

You know how many things - you know - cause that would bring hope

You know what I'm saying? There's no hope

And there's not going to be too many more Christmases, without hope

You know what I'm saying? Not to make it just about Christmas

There's not going to be too many more days, without hope

[Verse 1]
I used to be nicer than everybody

But that was back when everybody was on that playground
Singing around, I don

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